Gotta Start Somewhere

Today I didn’t set out to write anything profound or earth shattering.

As I jump back into the online writing fray, for me to set any lofty goals would quite likely only result in my getting nothing finished in the long run anyway. And, that wouldn’t help anyone, myself included.  Can you relate?

For me, today is simply about getting started.   Starting a new habit.

Starting something new is hard. No surprise there.

Restarting after taking a longer than expected “break” is hard, too.

Between “starting” vs “restarting”, if one is harder than the other, I can’t really say.  And, to start a debate over something like that would likely just be a distraction or another form of procrastination anyway.

I have found that the most important part of beginnings is the doing part. Making a decision. Taking action in that direction.

And that is simply what this post today is all about.

Wishing you a successful Getting Started Action Day today, too!

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