How to Write When You’re Not The Expert

Software application developers release new programs in Beta all the time.  Technically speaking, Alpha and Beta Testing is a formal part of their development process, known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT). At the UAT part of the development process, developers know that not every desired feature of the final end product has been built in […]

Unwritten, Unspoken…Stories Still To Be Told

I remember times while growing up when I’d ask my Mom if I could get a certain hairstyle or buy a certain type of clothes so that I could be more like the other kids in my classes.   I also vividly remember my Mom’s response going something like this:  “Why, do you want to look […]

The Wrap-Up Post: An Ending and a New Beginning

As I work towards developing a more consistent writing habit, I absolutely agree with the reigning advice which is to always have a few ideas “in the works” to keep the development process flowing and to avoid writer’s block, e.g., always have a couple of articles started; topics/keywords mapped out;  titles/ideas scheduled; thought-starters handy, etc. According to plan, I had a […]

On Keeping It Short

A recent #BlogChat on Twitter spurred me to contemplate the value of writing short pieces.  During the Twitter Chat, I was challenged to write a Series of posts to break up my usual style of writing longer blog posts. As an analyst, I naturally started weighing the pros and cons of writing short pieces.  I […]

Showing Up is Half the Battle

“Showing up is half the battle.”  That is how I started my routine of going to the gym regularly.  I found it was easier to go every day rather than scheduling or remembering to go on some sort of every other day basis.  Driving directly to the gym after work is simply part of my autopilot […]

A Challenge Worthy of Attempting

Okay, time is about up!  The “100 Articles in a 100 Days” contest which I wrote about in my last post is as good as over.  While I started off with high hopes of accomplishing what I now realize was an overly-ambitious goal of completing this contest in about 1/3 of the allotted time, not […]