The Attitude For Change

Most simply stated: “Many people are not happy in their jobs.” The above statement is not new News. There are probably several sets of statistics around that I could look up and quote here to validate that claim. However, for employers and employees, having facts and figures on hand that support current job satisfaction levels […]

Time for a Career Change? 26 Links To Help You Decide

This past week, after receiving an email which included an inspirational decision-making article, then later seeing a somewhat-related Tweet about job changers, I was reminded about my own recent decision to make a major job change. I remembered how I had saved a whole pile of articles on the topic that I printed out from […]

The Secret to Living a More Interesting Life

The secret to living a more interesting life can be summed up by the letters: TBD. Most simply put, the answer is in how you: Think, Be, and Do things differently from what the collective “everybody else” is doing. If your life is boring, I’m pretty sure that any advice from me about looking for […]

Pixels, a Pretzel, and Purpose.

Do you sometimes think that the little things you do in life don’t matter, or that you are just a mere mortal with little impact on the world around you?  If so, please indulge me by considering the following true tale. “Pretzel” (a.k.a., the picture of the pretzel to the left) arrived at my doorstep […]

Jealous, Yet Inspired

Recently I saw two productions that were so artistically and technically engaging that they were almost intimidating from the point of view of an aspiring “anybody”. Let me back up a bit and tell you a little more about each of these shows before I go into what I mean. The first show that I saw […]

Let the Deaths Not Be In Vain

On this day of remembrance of the 9-11 attacks and the ensuring military actions that followed, I find myself reflecting on a number of other similarly tragic events (both man-made and naturally-occurring) that have also occurred in this last decade.  In my thoughts are the many people that continue to perish and suffer in the […]

Why Defining Yourself Matters

Probably not unlike many people, I have also wanted to start my own business, and be my own boss, for quite a while now.  If you are like me, and you don’t have your arms comfortably wrapped around that fully-backed blockbuster idea yet, you can probably relate to the hardest part of starting a business which for me has […]

Tackling New Chapters

I have heard that one way to know if you are truly living your heart’s desire is to feel that you would die (or have no other reason to go on) if you couldn’t do it . While that may be a bit dramatic, it might still be worthwhile to consider the following question:  “What […]

Start With the Message

It is not uncommon that when you hear the same thing repeated over and over again, you tend to stop thinking about it on a deeper level since it has essentially become old news to you.  That is until that same old familiar piece of information unexpectedly triggers a new connection for you. For those […]

My 3 Words for 2011: Focus, Awareness, Accountability

Following in the tradition created by Chris Brogan, it’s that time of year again to choose three words that will guide you in the New Year.  Chris is clear to point out that: “The three words idea is built so that you can have something to reflect upon.”  Note: This is different from setting goals […]