What To Do When Your Blog Goes Dormant

In the lifetime of a blog, it is not uncommon for a blog to experience a dry spell (a.k.a., a “post-less” or dormant period) somewhere along the line. Whether it is due to lack of motivation, time or ideas, or due to choosing of a non-ideal niche, or losing purpose, or lack of perceived benefit, […]

Gotta Start Somewhere

Today I didn’t set out to write anything profound or earth shattering. As I jump back into the online writing fray, for me to set any lofty goals would quite likely only result in my getting nothing finished in the long run anyway. And, that wouldn’t help anyone, myself included.  Can you relate? For me, […]

You’ve Left Your Job, Now What? Good Habits for the Newly Self-Employed

If you are recently self-employed (especially if by your own choice), you probably already envision what your ideal work-day looks like. And, I assume it probably includes something around establishing a solid work-life balance. Telling you that it is important to establish Good Work Habits would probably sound like very ho-hum advise. At least it […]