How to Write When You’re Not The Expert

Software application developers release new programs in Beta all the time.  Technically speaking, Alpha and Beta Testing is a formal part of their development process, known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT). At the UAT part of the development process, developers know that not every desired feature of the final end product has been built in […]

The Speed of Creativity

As much as we may want it to be so, the reality is that creativity is not available on demand in the same way that the Nike “Just Do It” slogan simply states. Creativity is like a child whose behavior you can influence but you can’t control. How often is it that we come up […]

Can You Fake Creativity?

To ask the question, ‘Can You Fake Creativity?’, presupposes that being able to fake creativity would be a desirable outcome to achieve.  This also assumes that someone’s desire to consider faking creativity comes from a belief that there exists no better or easier way to obtain it. The Role for Integrity As with the saying, […]

The Snuggie Is Dead: A Never-Ending Search for New Ideas

Without fail, as the end-of-year holidays approach, it is nothing new that in addition to the way-too-early holiday-related merchandise for sale in the stores and the all-too-early dedication to a holiday-music-only playlist some radio stations, along with that comes the latest list of hot new toys for the end-of-year. Those holiday fad toys are the […]

At Our Given Point In Time

The book, The Impact Equation, by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, insightfully explains how to create and develop ideas that have impact, value, and spread while sustaining a degree of longevity.   Their prescription is captured in the form of an equation. For this equation to be solved, as with any equation, factors on both sides […]

3 Benefits of Pulling Back on the Reins of Your Spontaneity

As connectors, you and I want to be effective storytellers who engage our readers’ emotions.  Spontaneous emotions can be positive or negative.  When we are excited about something, whether in a good or bad way, our true feelings of the moment have an uncanny ability to find their way past many of our intellectual thinking-brain […]

6 Tips for Exercising Your Creativity Muscles

Exercising from home is considered the most inexpensive way to get physically fit and lose weight. If you know what to do, you can get fit with practically no equipment at all. Creativity works much in the same way. As simple as it is for an exercise Newbie to get started by doing some quick […]

The Secret to Living a More Interesting Life

The secret to living a more interesting life can be summed up by the letters: TBD. Most simply put, the answer is in how you: Think, Be, and Do things differently from what the collective “everybody else” is doing. If your life is boring, I’m pretty sure that any advice from me about looking for […]

The “Known Unknowns” of Creative Work

There is a replicate-able formula for writing a successful movie script, but no formula exists for creating a viral video.   Both are creative works. Yet, defining what makes one creative work more or less creative than another is almost impossible to do, as that would be a very subjective exercise to undertake.  In a similar […]

Maybe Truth in Politics Just Isn’t Interesting Enough?

Creativity is about newness, curiosity, and being interesting and thought-provoking. Unfortunately, there are politicians and broadcasters that would have us believe that the same excitement and sense of wonder doesn’t seem to reflect itself in their visions of the lifeless and bland faces held by Facts or Truth. Sad to say, but in the current […]