What To Do When Your Blog Goes Dormant

In the lifetime of a blog, it is not uncommon for a blog to experience a dry spell (a.k.a., a “post-less” or dormant period) somewhere along the line. Whether it is due to lack of motivation, time or ideas, or due to choosing of a non-ideal niche, or losing purpose, or lack of perceived benefit, […]

Gotta Start Somewhere

Today I didn’t set out to write anything profound or earth shattering. As I jump back into the online writing fray, for me to set any lofty goals would quite likely only result in my getting nothing finished in the long run anyway. And, that wouldn’t help anyone, myself included.  Can you relate? For me, […]

How to Write When You’re Not The Expert

Software application developers release new programs in Beta all the time.  Technically speaking, Alpha and Beta Testing is a formal part of their development process, known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT). At the UAT part of the development process, developers know that not every desired feature of the final end product has been built in […]

So The Farm Animals Don’t Laugh

A 30-second sound-bite.  A point-in-time snapshot.  Each can evoke believability about a situation.  Combine the two and the believability or credibility of a situation magnifies.  Is that always a good thing though? Neither quick words nor stand-alone photos (separately or together) ever tells the whole story.  That is nothing new.  However, there are people (even […]

Creative Valuations

In the early half of 2012, a popular comedic screen actor accomplished two noteworthy feats.  The family-friendly movie that he starred in closed profitably, with a worldwide gross of close to $150 million against a budget of just under $80 million.  Later that year, that same actor was voted “Favorite Movie Actor” at the Kids […]

Interested in Interesting?

If someone asked you if you could do or write something interesting, what would you say? If you are like me, maybe the very first thing you would do is second-guess yourself that you are even totally clear on what the  meaning of the word “interesting” actually is anyway. If so, let me save you […]

Unwritten, Unspoken…Stories Still To Be Told

I remember times while growing up when I’d ask my Mom if I could get a certain hairstyle or buy a certain type of clothes so that I could be more like the other kids in my classes.   I also vividly remember my Mom’s response going something like this:  “Why, do you want to look […]

What You Are & Who You Are

At the recent Inbound Marketing Summit 2011 in Boston, I was impressed to hear the behind-the-scenes stories of author, Ben Mezrich, who is known for creating his own genre of nonfiction.  (Sidebar: other highlights from #IMS2011 were recorded by the Pulse Network.) As a quick background for anyone who may not know Ben Mezrich, he is known […]

What Stories Still Need Telling?

Self expression isn’t always easy.  Maybe that’s why I admire those who openly exhibit an apparently unshakable confidence to be themselves.  It’s easy not to realize that behind outwardly confident people there are probably many encounters with ignorant people than most people are even aware.  It seems that in life, it’s almost impossible to escape […]

The Wrap-Up Post: An Ending and a New Beginning

As I work towards developing a more consistent writing habit, I absolutely agree with the reigning advice which is to always have a few ideas “in the works” to keep the development process flowing and to avoid writer’s block, e.g., always have a couple of articles started; topics/keywords mapped out;  titles/ideas scheduled; thought-starters handy, etc. According to plan, I had a […]