Too Much, Not Enough, or Just Right?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the saying:  “Less is More“.  I would agree that, at times, saying too much, doing too much, giving too many details can take away more than it adds.  Sometimes leaving space for someone else to fill in the blanks can be truly magical.  And, often, summarizing “key take-aways” gets your point across much more effectively than […]

For Those Navigating the (Non)-Working World

Recently another couple of people I know unexpectedly lost their jobs and joined the ranks of the temporarily unemployed, not by choice, nor due to poor performance, but quite simply due to their company’s decision to re-organize its structure and strategy. True, it really isn’t anything new that companies reorganize or merge or go out […]

What Does It Take For You To Change?

The current financial crisis has certainly made many people re-think their way of doing things. I would expect that those hardest hit by a sudden, severe, and unexpected shock would most likely be the first to change their ways.  But, for how long? The degree and amount of change will certainly depend on how hard […]

Service Sector Over-Consumption & Happiness

Physical product over-consumption clearly hasn’t been good for our environment nor for our pocketbooks, but, is enough being said about service-sector over-consumption, too? Do we really need to hire someone to regularly clean our homes or take care of our lawns, have a personal assistant or personal shopper, pay frequent visits to a chiropractor, get […]

Will We See a Sheeple Awakening?

Just as there are two main political parties in the U.S., so, too, does there seem to be two main income-earning paths that people pursue:  (1) be an employee, or (2) be an entrepreneur.  Of course, there are the Switchers, those who leave the “safety” of employment for the “risk” of self-employment.  The Switchers have been more of the minority […]

Degrees of Helpfulness

Often the most important advice given to bloggers, writers, or anyone in social media (and probably in business, too)  is to be helpful.   Whether you believe in good karma or not, it is not often disputed that if you are helpful to others without expecting anything in return, you’ll be surprised at what does come back to […]

What Might “Thought Provoking” Produce?

I’ve been intrigued lately by a new section of books in the Barnes & Noble bookstore that I frequent.  It is a grouping of books labelled “Thought-Provoking”.   Clearly “Thought-Provoking” isn’t a subject that one can easily build a business idea or a keyword strategy around.  People aren’t likely to go to a store or to Google looking for something “Thought Provoking”. Either way, “Thought-Provoking” seems to […]

Win-Win Is Relative

Generally when we hear of a “win-win” solution, we probably think it refers to something good, right?  I know I did.  I didn’t realize that win-wins can actually be placed on a “scale”, ranging from “good” win-wins all the way over to “not-so-good” win-wins. It’s common knowledge that, often, negotiations include some degree of compromise where each party gives in on some points and as […]

Is Fighting For Solutions the Only Answer?

Blogging about politics is always risky. Usually quite early on, a reader will recognize which party you support and will respond accordingly — they’ll either keep reading if they identify with you or they’ll move on if they don’t. Few stick around to hear what someone of an opposing political party wishes to espouse unless they’re […]

Taking Sides

How’s a consumer to know what to believe?  Anything and everything can be debated either way.  Check out this post about the new High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) Lobby commercial as posted on and Twittered about by @thecitizen. Look at the comments to this post, too.  A strong argument can be made for either side. Then also find, in the sidebar on that […]