Privacy Rights: Where Do You Draw the Line Between Public-vs-Private?

Perhaps the current NSA Spying allegations are not really as big a deal as they are being made out to be.  Or, perhaps they are. Either way, do we really need to wait for a worst-care-scenario or 100%-undeniable-facts to be presented to us before we re-evaluate what our current privacy expectations are? Whether “the leaker” is a hero […]

The Attitude For Change

Most simply stated: “Many people are not happy in their jobs.” The above statement is not new News. There are probably several sets of statistics around that I could look up and quote here to validate that claim. However, for employers and employees, having facts and figures on hand that support current job satisfaction levels […]

What Safety and Risk-Taking Can Learn From Each Other

Are you more likely to classify yourself as a risk-taker, always ready and willing to jump at the opportunity to perform feats of derring-do? Or are you more the safety-conscious risk-averse type who has no objection to being called the boring ‘stick in the mud’ again and again? Or, perhaps you generally fall somewhere in […]

So The Farm Animals Don’t Laugh

A 30-second sound-bite.  A point-in-time snapshot.  Each can evoke believability about a situation.  Combine the two and the believability or credibility of a situation magnifies.  Is that always a good thing though? Neither quick words nor stand-alone photos (separately or together) ever tells the whole story.  That is nothing new.  However, there are people (even […]

Photo Sunday: On Being Lucky

You need to work hard to be “lucky”.  So true!  

Blood Money

I recently rented the movie, “Margin Call.”  The storyline, simply put, is about one investment firm’s decisions in the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis. This is definitely one of those movies that kept me thinking long after it was over. The how and why of what happened doesn’t seem to be as much […]

What Stories Still Need Telling?

Self expression isn’t always easy.  Maybe that’s why I admire those who openly exhibit an apparently unshakable confidence to be themselves.  It’s easy not to realize that behind outwardly confident people there are probably many encounters with ignorant people than most people are even aware.  It seems that in life, it’s almost impossible to escape […]

Questions to Ask Ourselves about Frugality

In the current economy many people are cutting back on “extras”, or at least attempting to.  But are we as frugal as we think we are? Maybe we should start by getting clear on what frugality means to each of us. As we know, frugality can have a full range of definitions and connotations which […]

Hating that I Love Diet Coke

I really don’t like to hate.  But there is one thing in particular that I just hate that I love.  It is: Diet Coke.  I admit, I love Diet Coke. I love the brand.  I love sipping it in the afternoon (especially around the 3 o’clock hour); often I even love it with breakfast.  I love the Olympics […]

Messing With the Classics?

There were some recent news reports that the board game, Scrabble, was changing the rules of the game to now allow Proper Nouns.   But, before anyone, who hasn’t yet heard the whole story, gets overly excited about nothing, be comforted to know that any kind of sacrilegious move like that would not apply to […]