10 Tips For Building Lasting Online Relationships

Particularly when it comes to advice on “how to be successful”, but also in many other matters, I generally believe that there isn’t a singular right or wrong way to do anything (of course, that’s assuming ethics are being held in high regard here). While success does leave clues, it is also often said that […]

8 Gatejumper Tips Heard at the Writers Digest Conference

I must admit that when I first saw the agenda for the Writer’s Digest Conference, taking place in NYC this year, I didn’t quite understand why there was such a big social media focus at the event. I wondered if the event organizers weren’t just jumping on the bandwagon of the latest online trends. Gladly, […]

The Strangeness of Our Passions

There is a lot of advice out there.  Ask different coaches for advice on how to be successful and you’ll probably get a lot of different answers, sometimes conflicting, but certainly a core set of common beliefs, too. Clearly one common ingredient to the success equation is: “having passion”.  A nice clarification I recently heard […]

Too Much, Not Enough, or Just Right?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the saying:  “Less is More“.  I would agree that, at times, saying too much, doing too much, giving too many details can take away more than it adds.  Sometimes leaving space for someone else to fill in the blanks can be truly magical.  And, often, summarizing “key take-aways” gets your point across much more effectively than […]

Inventing Next Generation Advertising

So, who’s going to invent the next form of advertising?  [I must acknowledge that I first came across this question from an iTunes podcast of Chris Anderson discussing his new book “Free: The Future of a Radical Price” with “Bloomberg on the Economy” dated 7/13/2009.]   As I wonder what the new form of advertising will […]

Choose Any Path. Don’t Worry About The Choice.

It’s the first day of a new year, a time when there is much talk about making New Year’s Resolutions.  There are many people with advice on:  how to do it right;  on whether or not any of the resolutions we do make will even last very long;  or whether it even matters any more to make resolutions at all. What made […]

“What Do Bloggers Know Anyway?” (The Benefits of a Feed Reader)

Not all people are fans of blogs.  There are many people that rarely read blogs much less bookmark them or ever revisit any that they may have bookmarked in the past.  Many people probably don’t even know how to find good blogs if they wanted to. Important and fair questions that are often asked include:   “Can I even trust blogs?” and, “What do bloggers […]

Degrees of Helpfulness

Often the most important advice given to bloggers, writers, or anyone in social media (and probably in business, too)  is to be helpful.   Whether you believe in good karma or not, it is not often disputed that if you are helpful to others without expecting anything in return, you’ll be surprised at what does come back to […]

50 Things You Learn about Blogging By Doing It

Inspired by Chris Brogan’s advice in his recent post, “If I Started Today“, I put together my own list of what I’ve found to be 50 reasons to start blogging (and/or in social media) even if you don’t have a clear-cut business plan or idea.   My best advice is to start small and build from there.  And, always remember that […]

Why I Blog

More and more, we see and hear about social media, social networking sites, and micro-blogging tools.  You probably heard about how the current election was impacted (some even say won) by the grassroots efforts of social networking strategies. Amid all of this social media enthusiasm, there have also been recent reports about how the older forms of Web 2.0, namely, blogging, is dead or at least […]