Blood Money

I recently rented the movie, “Margin Call.”  The storyline, simply put, is about one investment firm’s decisions in the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis. This is definitely one of those movies that kept me thinking long after it was over. The how and why of what happened doesn’t seem to be as much […]

Will We See a Sheeple Awakening?

Just as there are two main political parties in the U.S., so, too, does there seem to be two main income-earning paths that people pursue:  (1) be an employee, or (2) be an entrepreneur.  Of course, there are the Switchers, those who leave the “safety” of employment for the “risk” of self-employment.  The Switchers have been more of the minority […]

The Human Element: The Cause and The Solution to The Problem

Writing a Book Review of sorts can be intimidating. I’m sure it’s common to feel hesitant about being able to adequately come anywhere close to doing justice to the many inter-related ideas an author has expressed in his work.  At the same time, there is an eagerness to share the insights gleaned from their work as well.  The […]