The Attitude For Change

Most simply stated: “Many people are not happy in their jobs.” The above statement is not new News. There are probably several sets of statistics around that I could look up and quote here to validate that claim. However, for employers and employees, having facts and figures on hand that support current job satisfaction levels […]

Time for a Career Change? 26 Links To Help You Decide

This past week, after receiving an email which included an inspirational decision-making article, then later seeing a somewhat-related Tweet about job changers, I was reminded about my own recent decision to make a major job change. I remembered how I had saved a whole pile of articles on the topic that I printed out from […]

The Secret to Living a More Interesting Life

The secret to living a more interesting life can be summed up by the letters: TBD. Most simply put, the answer is in how you: Think, Be, and Do things differently from what the collective “everybody else” is doing. If your life is boring, I’m pretty sure that any advice from me about looking for […]

The Power We Don’t Realize We Have

I can’t say that I know a lot about super-heroes aside from the very basics that most other people would know, too.  I admit that I have never been more than just a casual bystander to the genre. Yet, for some reason I do love the pseudo-superhero story of Dr. Horrible.  Maybe it’s just the […]

Common Responsibilities That Creative People Feel

Whether you are a professional artist or not, if you identify with being a “creative individual”, then quite possibly you may feel the same responsibilities to your work (however you choose to define it) that artists feel towards their work.  Let’s see if that could be true. The focus of an artist’s work is often […]

Pixels, a Pretzel, and Purpose.

Do you sometimes think that the little things you do in life don’t matter, or that you are just a mere mortal with little impact on the world around you?  If so, please indulge me by considering the following true tale. “Pretzel” (a.k.a., the picture of the pretzel to the left) arrived at my doorstep […]

Closing Doors versus Burning Bridges

Let me conclude this series by addressing a few lingering questions that may perhaps still be creating some doubts for you as you consider leaving the comforts of your day job “to explore other opportunities”. First, you may still be on the fence about how to explain your decision and your future plans to others.  […]

Are You Employable? Prove it.

 It is a fairly well known fact that the majority of new businesses or new product launches fail.  Actually, the percentage is quite high. So, if you were to choose to leave the security of a some-what stable job at this point in your life, i.e., to “go it on your own” or pursue a […]

You’ve Left Your Job, Now What? Good Habits for the Newly Self-Employed

If you are recently self-employed (especially if by your own choice), you probably already envision what your ideal work-day looks like. And, I assume it probably includes something around establishing a solid work-life balance. Telling you that it is important to establish Good Work Habits would probably sound like very ho-hum advise. At least it […]

Addressing Regrets

How often do you think about regrets?  The problem with regrets is that, by their very nature, we think about them too late in the game, past the point where we can do a lot about them. Today, I want you to think about regrets before they becomes irreversible. While this could apply to any […]