Privacy Rights: Where Do You Draw the Line Between Public-vs-Private?

Perhaps the current NSA Spying allegations are not really as big a deal as they are being made out to be.  Or, perhaps they are. Either way, do we really need to wait for a worst-care-scenario or 100%-undeniable-facts to be presented to us before we re-evaluate what our current privacy expectations are? Whether “the leaker” is a hero […]

Health & Wealth: Why Care About Income Inequality?

Recently, two snippets of conversations that I came across in online social communities caught my attention in an unexpected way.  The two tidbits were: (1) a short phrase referring to obesity as one of the “diseases of affluence”; and (2) a separate unrelated comment mentioning that a video about income inequality in the U.S. didn’t […]

Maybe Truth in Politics Just Isn’t Interesting Enough?

Creativity is about newness, curiosity, and being interesting and thought-provoking. Unfortunately, there are politicians and broadcasters that would have us believe that the same excitement and sense of wonder doesn’t seem to reflect itself in their visions of the lifeless and bland faces held by Facts or Truth. Sad to say, but in the current […]

Soundbites of a Tragedy in Somalia

The other day, I caught the end of a news report on Somalia, and then later in the day came across the same topic in an interview asking the following questions:  “Will giving money to Somalia really help? Or, is that just the easy way for us to wash our hands of the situation?” Since I regrettably hadn’t […]

Let’s Get Beyond the Political Clichés

When people argue over politics, the arguments usually eventually always come down to the same cliché positions that puts you either on the side that “government is necessary” or “government should not intrude.”  The pro-government people defend their idealistic view that government can efficiently provide services and opportunities to the less fortunate in order to […]

Election Day is Just One of Many Decisions

Election Day is just one day.  One Day that has been a long time coming.  One that will soon be here and will soon be gone.  But is it an end or a beginning?  Either way, many will say that it will be another four years before they get their chance to vote again.  But, that isn’t quite true. […]

Is Fighting For Solutions the Only Answer?

Blogging about politics is always risky. Usually quite early on, a reader will recognize which party you support and will respond accordingly — they’ll either keep reading if they identify with you or they’ll move on if they don’t. Few stick around to hear what someone of an opposing political party wishes to espouse unless they’re […]

Dean and the DNC: The semantics of the message

As a direct quote from the Associated Press article on Democrats being ready to choose Howard Dean as DNC Chairman. The semantics of the message definitely make the difference. Dean told Democratic committee members Friday that it’s important to learn to be more comfortable discussing the party’s core values. “The way I hope to deal […]