Surviving the Rip Currents of Life

When life gets busy and hectic, sometimes we just want things to stop so we can get off of that crazy ride for a while. Yet, in the same way that we know that “life isn’t always fair”, we also know that we can’t quit every time the going gets tough. If “the ocean” remains […]

The Attitude For Change

Most simply stated: “Many people are not happy in their jobs.” The above statement is not new News. There are probably several sets of statistics around that I could look up and quote here to validate that claim. However, for employers and employees, having facts and figures on hand that support current job satisfaction levels […]

What “Shark Tank” Taught Me About Ideas and Passion

If you are like me, and you don’t have a business of your own (yet), the thought of someday running your own business never completely leaves your mind.  Even if you are good at regularly pushing aside those distracting thoughts, you still find that they have a way of unexpectedly resurfacing from time to time. […]

I’m All Psyched to Create a Ruckus! Now what?

So, you’ve listened to the lasted motivational videos that you probably come across by email, Facebook or Twitter.  Maybe it’s an inspirational Tony Robbins video (YouTube) or a kind-voiced yet still kick-in-the-pants Seth Godin interview (Audio Podcast). You are all psyched up to make something happen, but then you realize something.  As much as you know about the […]

My Three Words for 2013: Slow, And, Steady

It’s a new year, and even though I almost decided to skip participating this year in this newish tradition among bloggers, I somehow still found myself compelled enough to take part any way.  Perhaps this bodes well for the prophecy of the exercise?  Time will tell. Anyway, as the Chris Brogan New Year tradition continues, […]

Can’t Navigate a Storm on Auto-Pilot

Flying on auto pilot or driving on cruise control works best when the path ahead is straight and steady with no obstacles expected along the way.  Though, even on such a course, should an unexpected occurrence actually appear, we know enough that full-control navigation could easily be kicked back into gear to avert a crisis […]

What Safety and Risk-Taking Can Learn From Each Other

Are you more likely to classify yourself as a risk-taker, always ready and willing to jump at the opportunity to perform feats of derring-do? Or are you more the safety-conscious risk-averse type who has no objection to being called the boring ‘stick in the mud’ again and again? Or, perhaps you generally fall somewhere in […]

Questions More Entrepreneurs Need To Ask Themselves

What kind of an entrepreneur are you really anyway?  I know this is a very general question to start out with, but, stay with me on this, I will get to the point shortly. Why do you create what you create?  Are your innovations major or minor, controversial or insignificant, society-changing or convenience-enabling? Does it […]

Common Responsibilities That Creative People Feel

Whether you are a professional artist or not, if you identify with being a “creative individual”, then quite possibly you may feel the same responsibilities to your work (however you choose to define it) that artists feel towards their work.  Let’s see if that could be true. The focus of an artist’s work is often […]

Three Words for 2012: Create, Focus, Courage

It’s a New Year and it’s that time again to tackle the New Year’s Resolution question.   As is now becoming The Chris Brogan Tradition, it’s time to pick three words that will represent your goals in the New Year. The three words that I have chosen are based on what I want to change from last year, […]