On Groups and Fitting In

I recently found myself a bit perplexed about why I was not enjoying an online networking group that I had really looked forward to being a member of. While I thought I had put in the necessary time and effort (and money) to fully belong to this group, I just couldn’t get to the point […]

Conversation Isn’t King (Yet)

The information age is still in its early stages of evolution. Five years from now, technology will be remarkably different, and without a doubt, much smarter, than it is today. The current mantra in the marketing world is that “Content is King.” Along that line, personally, I am very excited to see, along with the […]

3 Benefits of Pulling Back on the Reins of Your Spontaneity

As connectors, you and I want to be effective storytellers who engage our readers’ emotions.  Spontaneous emotions can be positive or negative.  When we are excited about something, whether in a good or bad way, our true feelings of the moment have an uncanny ability to find their way past many of our intellectual thinking-brain […]

Testing a Diet Coke Rumor

The other day I read an article entitled: “Some People Are A Little Nervous About American Kids Drinking So Much Diet Soda”. I love my Diet Coke, but I must admit that I worry about this for myself as an Adult, too. I even go through spurts where I quit using the stuff for a […]

Questions More Entrepreneurs Need To Ask Themselves

What kind of an entrepreneur are you really anyway?  I know this is a very general question to start out with, but, stay with me on this, I will get to the point shortly. Why do you create what you create?  Are your innovations major or minor, controversial or insignificant, society-changing or convenience-enabling? Does it […]

Where Humans Beat Computers

Computers can do human things. Computers can do things that humans can’t. Humans might want to be as smart as computers. But, that doesn’t mean humans should think like computers.  At least, not all the time. Artificial Intelligence, like computers, follows a known human-programmed logic often based on mathematical formulas such as averages, probabilities, and […]

Common Responsibilities That Creative People Feel

Whether you are a professional artist or not, if you identify with being a “creative individual”, then quite possibly you may feel the same responsibilities to your work (however you choose to define it) that artists feel towards their work.  Let’s see if that could be true. The focus of an artist’s work is often […]

Creativity Is Not Just For Artists

As adults, consumers and citizens, we analyze and make decisions for ourselves every day.  Heck, most people make decisions without even analyzing anything. Creativity, though, is another story.  Most people don’t believe that creativity is a capability within everyone’s grasp. Yet, is creativity something that anyone can truly afford to ignore?

So The Farm Animals Don’t Laugh

A 30-second sound-bite.  A point-in-time snapshot.  Each can evoke believability about a situation.  Combine the two and the believability or credibility of a situation magnifies.  Is that always a good thing though? Neither quick words nor stand-alone photos (separately or together) ever tells the whole story.  That is nothing new.  However, there are people (even […]

The Art and Science of Sock Monkeys

Is creativity an art or a science?  Is the difference between creativity and innovation about being non-commercially versus commercially driven?  Is it enough to say that creativity produces uniqueness over sameness?  Does any of this matter? Let’s look at something as simple and mundane as socks as an example.  Did you know that the evolution of […]