Escaping Entrepreneurial Limbo-Land

Doing nothing is a choice in the same way that doing anything is a choice. Since we almost always have the option to do the exact opposite, therein lies our choice. So what does inaction look like?  Isn’t it relatively easy to spot?  Sometimes, yes.  But, other times, not so much. For example, accepting the status quo has […]

Health & Wealth: Why Care About Income Inequality?

Recently, two snippets of conversations that I came across in online social communities caught my attention in an unexpected way.  The two tidbits were: (1) a short phrase referring to obesity as one of the “diseases of affluence”; and (2) a separate unrelated comment mentioning that a video about income inequality in the U.S. didn’t […]

Conversation Isn’t King (Yet)

The information age is still in its early stages of evolution. Five years from now, technology will be remarkably different, and without a doubt, much smarter, than it is today. The current mantra in the marketing world is that “Content is King.” Along that line, personally, I am very excited to see, along with the […]

Bad Behavior: At Whose Cost?

Rolls Royce is a premium brand, known for representing a quality trustworthy product and user experience. As far as I know, Rolls Royce has always represented that great character and never wavered from its start. “Being good” clearly is working for them. Yet, while Rolls Royce is admired for what they stand for, at the […]

My Three Words for 2013: Slow, And, Steady

It’s a new year, and even though I almost decided to skip participating this year in this newish tradition among bloggers, I somehow still found myself compelled enough to take part any way.  Perhaps this bodes well for the prophecy of the exercise?  Time will tell. Anyway, as the Chris Brogan New Year tradition continues, […]

Learning About Scalability From Technology

In our “always busy” world, finding balance seems to be a never-ending challenge. Particularly when it comes to workloads, it is not uncommon to feel either totally overwhelmed with too much to do or utterly stuck by not knowing what to do or where to start.  At either end, there is a lot that isn’t […]

At Our Given Point In Time

The book, The Impact Equation, by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, insightfully explains how to create and develop ideas that have impact, value, and spread while sustaining a degree of longevity.   Their prescription is captured in the form of an equation. For this equation to be solved, as with any equation, factors on both sides […]

How Applying Basic Analytical Skills Can Improve Your Life

Working as a data analyst may not sound particularly interesting to you, but what if I told you that learning to follow a solid analytical process can truly help you achieve more in life?  Would you be interested? To make a long story short, I found myself organized and methodical in my work life as […]