Surviving the Rip Currents of Life

5399736306_0be65db431_mWhen life gets busy and hectic, sometimes we just want things to stop so we can get off of that crazy ride for a while.

Yet, in the same way that we know that “life isn’t always fair”, we also know that we can’t quit every time the going gets tough.

If “the ocean” remains a good metaphor for life, then along with the ebbs and flows of the good and the bad of life, there are also rip currents that we just have to ride out at times in order to survive, too.

In life, we all make commitments that we must honor.  However, like a rip current, once those obligations are met, there is a way out.

Fortitude and patience allow us ride things out.  Awareness helps us recognize when the current has carried us far enough out to sea and is finally ready to ease its grip on us.

Knowing that there will be an opportunity to get back to solid ground once the current eases is what helps us survive it…even when it feels like there may be no end in sight while in the midst of it all.

When times get tough, sometimes the best advice simply is to just “hang in there”, swim with the current until you are out of it, then work your way back to shore.


Image Credit:  rip current sign via Flickr:

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