The Power We Don’t Realize We Have

SuperheroI can’t say that I know a lot about super-heroes aside from the very basics that most other people would know, too.  I admit that I have never been more than just a casual bystander to the genre.

Yet, for some reason I do love the pseudo-superhero story of Dr. Horrible.  Maybe it’s just the cleverness of how the more sympathetic character is actually the sensitive but misguided super-villain and not the media-friendly stereotypical yet shallow self-centered super-hero. But, that’s a story for another day.

Even still, regardless if we are talking about classic superheroes or more modern-day versions, I suspect there must have been at least one point-in-time in each super-hero’s life when he first discovered his superpower.  A time when he probably had no idea what to do with it or how to use it. 

A super-hero’s superpower, as with any talent you may have, does not come with instructions or even guidelines.  In the end, you solely have the right to use that power for good, evil, or anything in between.  You can even choose to not use your power at all because as Johnny B. Truant says: the universe doesn’t even care (WARNING: Johnny has a much more colorful way of stating this than I just paraphrased here.)

Maybe it is geeky of me to say this, but I’ll say it anyway as I know that I would not be alone in feeling this way.  I believe the Internet can sort of be considered everyone’s superpower, too, if you choose to view it that way.  It is true that, by itself, the Internet is simply a tool that does nothing until directed to do so.

Yet, I believe the main fuel that powers the Internet is not so much electricity as it is instead the human power of intelligence, emotion, and judgment.  If we could bottle that energy up, we could easily slap the label on it that calls it: “Creativity”. This energy is unique and original to each of us.  We can all be different superheroes here, if we choose to do so.

If you could harness the magical power of creativity to fuel your piece of the Internet to become a farther-reaching extension of yourself, what caped-crusader costume would best represent what you would stand up for?  What instructions and guidelines would you write for your piece of this superpower?


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