From Crazy to Ballsy to Rogue

Frog EyesIf I had to be recognized for something, e.g. like those nicknames that we unexpectedly picked up in our younger years,what would fit? What would others choose? What would I choose?

These days, taking on a “persona”, especially an online persona, seems to be something that we can actually choose for ourselves instead of waiting for someone else to assign to us.

Either way, it has to fit or we’ll never pull it off (especially with video, photos, or with any kind of social media, it’s got to be real).  So if I could be anything, what would I be? What about you?

What would fit?  I know I can’t exactly call myself A “Crazy” Anything.  No matter how much I would like to be, that is just not in me (not in any sense of the word).

I’m not wacky, eccentric, or crazy like “The Crazy Cat Lady” from The Simpsons.  In that case I’m not even a cat or dog lover, (note: I like them, just don’t love them). But frogs, that might be another story, maybe frogs is actually the story for me to go with here.

For me, the association with frogs comes from my status of seemingly forever being Single.  From family, over the years I started getting frog-themed gifts on a regular basis. Surprisingly, I actually came to start liking everything about these frog gifts. I even started a Pinterest board on Frogs with Personality.

Yet, if “frogs” were to become “my thing”, I still needed an adjective to complete the name. While I really like to be independent, and sometimes get up the nerve to do things that others may not do on their own,  (like voluntarily leaving my job to explore other interests, e.g. described as “ballsy” in point #4 of this article on “4 Ways to Leave Your Job”), I freely admit that I do not live for extreme risk-taking activities just for the sake of the thrill of it; I do not get excited for the prospect of going skydiving or gambling or speed racing, etc. So, “Ballsy” was out. (Besides, that isn’t even a word that’s in my regular vocabulary.)

Yet I do feel I have a uniqueness to me that falls in the outer edges of that edgy-ness camp.

So, I considered taking on the adjective of “Rogue”, at first because it rhymes nicely with Toad (i.e., a derivative of the frog theme that could work for me). But then I found that the definition wasn’t perfect either.

I like how “Rogue” stands for someone who “separates himself from the herd”. Unfortunately, “rogue” also has a negative connotation, i.e., “playfully mischievous”, “corrupt, or dishonest,” even “no longer obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable; deviating, renegade.”

Not perfect, but I think I can work with that, e.g., perhaps in the same way that a bald person is called “Curly”, or a heavy person is called “Slim”.

Aren’t I better off being “The Rogue Toad” instead of “The Crazy Frog Lady”?

Either version does create interest, right?  I just have to live up to it.  But I won’t know if I don’t try.  So, here goes with trying on “The Rogue Toad” to see if it fits.

So, now tell me.  Do you think it will work?  And, I’m curious.  What is your persona How did you get it?  If you could keep or change it, what would you do?

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