Choose Any Path. Don’t Worry About The Choice.

Roller CoasterIt’s the first day of a new year, a time when there is much talk about making New Year’s Resolutions.  There are many people with advice on:  how to do it right;  on whether or not any of the resolutions we do make will even last very long;  or whether it even matters any more to make resolutions at all.

What made it easier for me this year was that I had already spent the past month or so, with pen and paper, figuring out what I wanted to do differently for the upcoming “unprecedented” economic environment that we’ve been told awaits us. 

Yes, I agree, for me and maybe for many of us, this will be a year of going back to basics.

So, I was surprised to find that even though I had clearly set up actionable goals, and I felt that I was all set to face the new year, when it came to write my first blog post of the year, I was still at a loss for where to start. 

How can that be?  I had goals that I could easily summarize into three simple words.  Words that Chris Brogan explains should be words that can “get you started…(and) still be relevant when you’re almost at the big goal”.   (My three goal words are:  Shed. Convey. Strengthen. )

What I was torn between was whether I should write about what other bloggers were recommending (and doing themselves) or if I should write about something totally different, i.e., generally the common themes were writing the typical “2008 Year In Review Post” and/or the “2009 Resolutions Post”.

At first this made me think of the often quoted:  

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
                                   Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

I decided to let the thought settle for a bit.

It turns out it was quite pleasantly serendipitous for the following Tweet to cross my path on Twitter:

stevepavlina If you don’t seem to be following a well-marked trail, it probably means you’re seeing some pretty cool stuff. The scratches will heal.

This enhanced the metaphor for me as I began sketching out two possible paths “diverged in a wood”.   After getting a bit creative, I realized that there probably weren’t  just two paths diverged in the woods.  There are paths all over.  Choosing one path doesn’t mean you’ll only get to one outcome.


Reinforcing that thought in my mind was this YouTube video that was recently blogged about by Stuart Tan that shows how not to get “hoodwinked into the outcome“, essentially another way to remind us to “Enjoy the Journey”.

My 2009 Wishes for you:   Be sure To “Enjoy Your Journey Always”!!!

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